Beauty's Punishment


Beauty's Punishment

Author: Anne Rice

Publisher: Plume

ISBN: 0452266629

Number of pages: 233

Flogmaster Ratings: 9.7|4.8|4.9 (Overall / Spanking / Writing)

Number of Spankings: Dozens of punishments of dozens of individuals

Contains: While mostly M/F and F/F, it does contain some F/M and M/M as well, including M/M sex.

Plot in Brief: As punishment, Beauty is sent to the village where she's auctioned off as an ordinary slave.

Sample Scene:

"Get the wooden paddle," said Mistress Lockley to the man at the bar. She pulled Beauty forward and quickly threw her over the counter.

Beauty gave a groan before she could stop herself, feeling her legs dangling off the floor. She had not made up her mind whether she should obey when she felt the woman unfastening the gag and the buckle, and then slapping her hands to the back of her neck.

But the woman's other hand had passed between Beauty's legs and the searching fingers found her wet sex and swelling lips and even the burning kernel of the clitoris that caused Beauty to clench her teeth against a pitious moan.

The woman's hand left her in torment.

Beauty breathed freely for an instant, and then she felt the smooth surface of the wooden paddle being pressed softly to her buttocks, and the welts seemed to burn anew.

Red with shame over the little examination, Beauty tensed, waiting for the inevitable spanking, but it didn't come. Mistress Lockley twisted her face so that Beauty could see to the left through the open door.

"Do you see that pretty Princess hanging from the sign?" The Mistress asked. And grasping Beauty's hair she pushed and pulled her head into a nod. Beauty understood that she mustn't speak, and she decided for the moment to obey. She nodded of her own accord. The Princess's body turned a little this way and that on the chain. Beauty could not remember if her unfortunate sex had been wet or shy beneath its inadequate veil of pubic hair.

"Do you want to hang their instead of her?" asked Mistress Lockley. Her voice was flat and severe and cold. "Do you want to hang there hour after hour day after day with that hungry little mouth of yours starved and gaping for the world to see?"

Quite truthfully Beauty shook her head no.

"Then you'll stop the insolence and reblliousness you showed on the auction block, and you'll obey every command given you, and you'll kiss your Master's and Mistress's feet, and you'll whimper in gratitude for your supper when you get it and lick the plate clean!"

She forced Beauty's head into a nod again, and Beauty felt the oddest sensation of excitement. She nodded once more, of her own accord. Her sex pulsed against the wood of the bar.

The woman's hand moved under her and gathered her breasts together, holding them lilke two soft peaches plucked off a tree. Beauty's nipples burned.

"We understand each other, don't we?" she said.

And Beauty, after a strange moment of hesitation, nodded.

"Now understand this," said the woman in the same no-nonsense voice. "I'm going to spank you till you're raw. And there won't be any rich Lords and Ladies to delight in it, nor any soldiers or other gentlement to enjoy it, just you and I preparing for the Inn to open for the day and doing what must be done. And I'm doing it for one reason only and that is so you'll be so sore that the touch of my fingernail will make you squeal and scurry to obey my commands. You'll stay raw like that every day this summer that you're my slave, and you'll scamper to kiss my slippers after I spank you, because if you don't you'll dangle from that sign. Hour by hour day after day you'll dangle there, let down only to sleep and eat with your legs bound apart, and your hands bound behind your back and your buttocks spanked just as it's going to be spanked now. And put back to hang there again where the village toughs can laugh at you, and laugh at that hungry little sex. Do you understand?"

The Review

by the Flogmaster

This is book two of a trilogy (The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty, Beauty's Punishment, Beauty's Release). In this book, Beauty has been ejected from the castle and sent to the village as punishment.

In the village, Beauty is auctioned off as a common slave and bought by beautifully intimidating Mistress Lockley. She's initially rebellious but quickly discovers that the punishments of the village are at a whole different level than the mild discipline of the castle.

Some of the chapters are written first person from the view of other characters, which I found jarring, and I really wanted to read more about Beauty, not the adventures of male slaves turned into ponies. But despite a few chapters that drag (and I really didn't need to read about M/M sex), this is my favorite of the Beauty trilogy. There are a handful of scenes that are worth the whole trilogy all on their alone. If you were to only pick one book of the three, this one would be my recommendation.