Beauty's Release


Beauty's Release

Author: Anne Rice

Publisher: Plume

ISBN: 0452266637

Number of pages: 238

Flogmaster Ratings: 7.8|3.5|4.3 (Overall / Spanking / Writing)

Number of Spankings: Dozens of punishments of dozens of individuals

Contains: While mostly M/F and F/F, it does contain some F/M and M/M as well, including M/M sex.

Plot in Brief: Beauty's been kidnapped by a foreign Sultan where she joins his harem until she is eventually rescued.

Sample Scene:

As he flung her over his lap, something snapped insider her head, some last little bit of resistance. As his enormous hand closed on her bottom, she rose up to fit herself into it, moaning with the hard pinch that came, the fingers stroking her flesh.

"Too smooth, too fine," he whispered above her. "Don't these little Arabs know how to punish properly?"

And with the first hard wallops, her sex pumped with juices against the Captain's thigh, her heart racing. The spanks echoed loudly in the tiny cabin, her flesh tingling, then burning, then flodded with delicious pain, her tears rising and quickly spilling.

The Review

by the Flogmaster

This is book three of a trilogy (The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty, Beauty's Punishment, Beauty's Release). In this one, Beauty is kidnapped by Arabs and becomes a sex slave in the Sultan's harem.

Unfortunately, little of the book is about Beauty. Instead, most of the book is first person by male slave Laurent, and while there are a few punishments, it's really mostly about humiliations and sex. There just isn't enough spanking for the spankophile and nothing much happens plotwise.

Still, the book is well-written and eloquent with incredible power in several scenes. It's a fitting conclusion to the series, though it feels like a letdown (in part simply because the series is over and there's no more to read).