The Prussian Girls


The Prussian Girls

Author: P.N. Dedeaux

Publisher: Blue Moon

ISBN: 978-1562013400

Number of pages: 223

Flogmaster Ratings: 9.7|5.0|4.7 (Overall / Spanking / Writing)

Number of Spankings: Around 60 punishments of 20 individuals

Contains: Severe caning, flogging, and birching of schoolgirls and adult women (mostly F/f or F/F, but a couple M/F scenes and one M/m scene); lesbian sex (mostly implied); one extremely graphic M/F anal sex scene (multiple partners); one scene involving graphic descriptions of bowel movements and enemas.

Plot in Brief: An intense glimpse into the lives of female teachers and schoolgirls at an extremely strict girls' school in ancient Prusia. We follow one youthful new teacher and one schoolgirl as both are subject to the severest discipline and the teacher gradually learns the joys of applying punishment.

Sample Scene:

The stately contours of the ruddied backside were well separated, so that the tender insides would feel the limbs, Moreover, the entire rump was so well secured it could scarcely squirm -- at least, only enough to make it more amusing. Drawing in her breath she delivered a long, air-throbbing lash.


It was created by a chinking start from the girl, and a snort of snot. Three violet bands painted themselves lividly across each side.

"One," said Frau Grumkow calmly.

The Review

by the Flogmaster

This is the most awesome spanking book I have ever read. While it's not as philosophical or literary as Anne Rice's Beauty books (The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty, Beauty's Punishment, Beauty's Release), it's more erotic for the spankophile as it provides a nearly endless supply of severe female punishments. Dedeaux has a gift for making just a single stroke of the cane seem like the ultimate torture. The writing's vivid and wonderful, with clever turns of phrase that send shivers of terror through you. Many of the scenes are almost frightening they are so intensely severe, yet marvelously, these stoic schoolgirls (and young female teachers) somehow endure.

Best of all, the writing's so well done that you can read the scenes over and over again and they do not become dry; each time they possess tremendous erotic power, a rare feat.

I will be honest, however. This book is not for the faint of heart. The discipline described here, while not fantastically severe (it's chillingly realistic), is extreme. Teenage schoolgirls are harshly punished, and the teachers and even the headmistress are not immune from receiving what they dish out. The punishments of the adults are even more severe than those of the schoolgirls. While most of the punishments are with the cane (it's the mildest implement used), there is some variety as Dedeaux knows how to unveil variations of implements and make each seem more horrifying than the previous.

The book begins with a punishment and never stops, quickly rolling from one scene to the next. You can practically open the book to any page and find a punishment in progress. There is a slight plot which moves the writing along, but mostly the story is designed to serve up punishment after delicious punishment. It's the perfect balance of story and spanking as neither interferes with the other.

I just loved this book. While there are a couple scenes that squick me (I'm not into bowel movements and the anal sex was out-and-out cruel), they did not harm the overall power of the novel. I've read the book numerous times and will continue to do so; it's my favorite Dedeaux book.