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In here you will find hundreds of erotic stories dealing with Spanking, Discipline, Punishment, S&M, BSDM, Love Slaves, and other topics. Because some of these topics offend people, I have attempted to lump my stories into various categories. You can either browse the Complete List of stories or a single category. Please keep in mind that these categories are subjective and not necessarily acurate -- a story primarily about consenting adults might contain the punishment of a minor, for instance. Or a story posted into a special category, such as SSC, might have elements that belong in other categories. If you are the sensitive type, watch the warning labels and story descriptions attached to each story!

As an aid, here's a quick explanation of my warning system. First, here's a sample story title, warning label, and description:

Paul Bunyan and the Great Lakes

(****, M/Ffff, Severe, ole fashion paddlin')

A strange new twist on the ole yarn about how Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox created the Great Lakes. (Approximately 1,758 words. Originally published 1996-04.)

Star Rating
All my stories are marked with 1 to 5 stars (* to *****). This is an arbitrary rating system designed to indicate the quality of the writing (not necessarily the erotic appeal). If you feel a story is rated too high (or too low), please let me know and I will consider revising it. My Five Star stories are ones I consider classics of the genre.

Stories are also labled with MFmf labels to alert you to who is spanking whom. Capital letters represent adults and lower case are minors (under 18). Of course M refers to Males and F to Females. Under this system, anything to the left of the slash indicate a Spanker and anything to the right a Spankee. Therefore in the above example an adult male is spanking three girls and a woman. If there are a lot of people involved, sometimes this is abreviated with a number, such as F6/f24 implying that 6 women spank 12 girls. Keep in mind that the Kind rating refers to the primary participants -- sometimes, especially in longer stories -- there may be other spankings of a different type slipped in.

All stories are Rated one of the following: Mild, Serious, Intense, Severe, Edgy. These labels rate the severity of the discipline portrayed in the story. (For example, a hand spanking might be considered mild, but a caning would be intense or severe. Edgy implies extremes like anal intercourse or whipping until there is bleeding.)

Many stories also contain other warnings and explanations. These are usually self-explanatory words like "sex" or "punishment spanking." You may also see references to cons, non-cons, or n/c. Those abbreviations refer to consensual and non-consensual spankings. (Punishment spankings, especially those of children, are usually n/c though this isn't always indicated for children stories.)

I keep story descriptions brief and try not to include any "spoilers" that would ruin the plot for you. The description should intrigue if you are interested in the subject matter, and warn you away if you are not.

Complete List of Stories

(Warning: these web pages are about 400K each, so they may take a while to load on slow connections.)

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Stories by Category

book_children picture Children
Stories dealing with the discipline of children (minors under 18). Generally non-sexual, though there are occasional exceptions. Most of my stories deal with teenagers, though I do have a few with younger children.
book_fantasy picture
This is a series focusing on secret fantasies. The stories are short, written first person by both male and female narrators, and deal with discipline and humiliation (either dominate or submissive as the case may be).
book_fragments picture Fragments
These are incomplete stories or scenes that frankly, I probably will never go back and finish. Some have a degree of merit, but they can't be judged like a real story.
book_general picture General
Stories of adults of a general spanking or discipline nature, such as husband-wife scenarios, sorority initiations, etc. These should appeal to most tastes.
book_latest picture Latest
The most recent additions to the website.
book_long picture Long
These are my longer pieces: novellas and novels.
book_lost picture Lost Stories
These are the Flogmaster's earliest spanking stories, written when he was in high school, which were thought to be lost forever until recently.
book_rls picture RLS
This is the Real Life Spanking Series. If reading about real life spankings doesn't appeal to you, don't read them. May involve minors.
book_slave picture Slave
Stories dealing with sex slaves or bondage.
book_snippets picture Snippets
Short short stories of a single corporal punishment incident. May involve minors.
book_ssc picture SSC
These are my entries to the Short Story Contest held every summer on the newsgroup. Each story is a maximum of 500 words.