Flogmaster Software

Here's a little something new and unusual: I've written some spanking software! These are simple text-based programs that generate output interactively. They're nothing too fancy and I'm not a real programmer so I don't really know what I'm doing. I wrote them for my own amusement, but I thought I'd share them here in case others like them as well. They should run on Mac OS X and Windows (let me know if you run into incompatibilities).

At present there are two items of software available: Headmaster Roleplay, which is a party spanking game (multiple players, one chosen at random gets to spank all the others according to dice rolls); and Self-Spank Game (should be self-explanatory -- the game assigns you punishments).

Headmaster Roleplay:
Download for Mac (Universal Binary) or Windows

Self-Spank Game:
Download for Mac (Universal Binary) or Windows