Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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Choose Your Own Spanking

(****, ?/?, Edgy, Could contain anything.)

This is an interactive story where you get to choose how the story progresses. (Approximately 227 words. Originally published 1998-02.)

You take the letter into your father's study and use his lighter to light the edge of the envelope. Slowly the paper catches on fire and begins to flare. You turn the envelope in your hand to help it burn evenly, but the flames are getting hot. You cannot hold it much longer. Startled, you look about for a place to toss the burning envelope.

You spy a trash can in the corner and drop the flaming envelope inside. But the trash paper inside the waste basket catches on fire and soon there's a mini-inferno. Belatedly you realize the basket is plastic, and it is melting. You rush to find some water but by the time you return the carpet is on fire. You toss the water on it but the curtain is already burning. Frantically you race to the kitchen for more water and after several trips the fire is out, but the carpet is black with soot and burning and the curtain is half gone. The room smells of smoke, too.

What a mess!

What will you do:

1. Run and hide and pretend to your parents that you know nothing about it [Go to 07]

2. Try to clean it up [Go to 08]

3. Wait for your daddy to come home and confess [Go to 09]