Choose Your Own Spanking

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Welcome to the world's first* Interactive Spanking Adventure!

*Okay, so it's probably not the first, but hopefully it's the best. ;-) I started working on this in 1995, so it's been in progress for a long time. (Writing these is a hell of a lot of work. And I never had an easy way to publish this after my old web site was censored.) Since then several authors have published CYOS stories on the SSS newsgroup. But I swear I had the idea first. :o)

If you aren't familiar with these type of stories, the concept is simple. Click the link below to begin. At the end of each page of text you will be faced with several choices, each taking the story down a unique path. There are hundreds of possibilities. Every time you read this story it can be completely different! There are over 50 linked pages within this story, and 24,000 words, so there's a lot to explore.

I've purposely written the story to include nearly every kind of kink. There are hints in the text to show you what kinks are coming up, depending on your choice. So if you click on a "disobey Daddy anyway" button, don't be offended if you end up within a father/child spanking scenario!

To save space and speed browsing on these pages, I'm including my disclaimer just once, on this page. Also, there's a simpler navigation bar at the top of the pages: it will either bring you back here, to this page, so you can start the story over, or take you back to the main Flogmaster page.

TIP: Don't forget you can use your browser's 'back' button to navigate back one step in the story.

Click on this link to begin your adventure: 01