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20 stories totalling 167,548 bytes (about 27,488 words).

The Breakout316,9161985-10A spy rescues his ex from bad guys.MildM/F
Date Night311,2371985-10Teri's night does not go as planned.SevereM/f
Hijacked!37,9361985-10Hijackers deal with an unruly hostage.SeriousM/F
Initiated25,0861985-10A new sophomore gets initiated by the seniors.Severef/f
Jessica Meets Colonel Ansed310,1421985-10A nanny makes a sacrifice.IntenseM/F
Jessica's Paddling34,9241985-10A schoolgirl gets paddled.SevereM/f
Kathy310,5521985-10Indecent exposure earns a girl a whipping.SevereM/f
Kidnapped36,5131985-10A girl is kidnapped and whipped.SevereM/F
Moonlighting37,2901985-10Inspired by a scene on the TV show _Moonlighting_.MildM/F
Rebecca318,4881985-10A girl sneaks out for a date and pays for it. This is the first spanking story the Flogmaster ever wrote, way back as a teenager in high school.SevereMm/f
Rebecca and the Camping Trip36,3081985-10Bad boys blackmail and abuse a girl on a camping trip.Severemmm/f
Rebecca and the Sword23,4841985-10A description of the story goes here.IntenseM/F
Rebecca As a Boy35,8341985-10Stealing apples on a dare results in a sore bum.IntenseM/f
Rebecca Gets Spanked34,9871985-10Making out with her boyfriend costs a naughty girl.IntenseM/f
Rebecca Has Beauty Problems37,4941985-10A schoolgirl stars in a play where her character gets spanked.IntenseMm/f
Rebecca Sneaks Over310,7311985-10Rebecca gets caught at the boy's school.SevereMm25/f
School at Night28,8171985-10Two vandals sneak into the school at night.Intensem/f
Shara34,7211985-10A schoolgirl is an exhibitionist.Mildm/f
The Trick37,0071985-10A snotty girl gets others in trouble.IntenseF/f
The Woman39,0811985-10A strange woman mesmerizes a man.MildM/F