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11 stories totalling 210,979 bytes (about 36,076 words).

Fragment 01: The Agreement26,8861996-02A girl remembers how she and her sister were routinely punished by a neighborhood boy.Intensem/ff
Fragment 02: The Cave17,7151996-02A group of children and their sexy teacher are trapped in a cave and have to use any method they can to escape.IntenseM/F
Fragment 03: The Estate313,5601996-02The Countess returns from a journey and examines and punishes her many slaves.SevereF/F
Fragment 04: Humility28,1931996-02A woman is publicly punished by order of the king.IntenseMM/F
Fragment 05: The New Movie229,5531996-03The narrator is witness to the filming of a few hot scenes for new Hollywood movie.IntenseF/FFFF
Fragment 06: The Party222,7101996-02The beginning of a story about a young lady's adventure's as a slave at an S&M party.EdgyM/F
Fragment 07: The Studio215,5131996-02A girl shows up for a photography session that turns out to be far more than she bargained for.IntenseMF/F
Fragment 08: White Slave224,7111996-02A young lady wakes up to find herself kidnapped and the prisoner of strict white slave traders.SevereM/F
Fragment 09: The Machine317,3111996-02A young man builds the perfect device for obtaining revenge against the popular, pretty girl who won't go out with him.IntenseM/F
Fragment 10: The Slavemaster325,3771996-02The story of Icarus, King Cyris' harem Slavemaster, responsible for obtaining and training all of the King's female sex slaves.SevereM/F
Fragment 11: The Castle of Correction339,4501996-02A young woman is kidnapped and sentenced to two years in a private prison for naughty ladies.SevereF/F