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152 stories totalling 3,126,074 bytes (about 528,013 words).

The Twenty Dollar Bill319,8561995-12A number of teenage children face regular fatherly discipline until a missing twenty dollar bill is found.SevereM/mmfff
A Beautiful Girl521,3162004-07An ugly duckling learns about real beauty.SevereM/ff
A Caneable Bottom49,2392016-05The Head canes a thin girl.SevereM/f
A Case for Corporal Punishment in Schools316,8852006-01A person advocates corporal punishment in schools.Serious?/fm
Acceptance515,1711998-05The Flogmaster wonders if this isn't his best story ever.IntenseM/f
Accidents Happen38,9512003-12Fighting leads to hot bottoms.IntenseF/ff
A Day of Spankings421,5482006-01A family accumulates a bunch of spankings and has to pay for them all in one day.SevereM/fffff
After School49,5681997-12A girl and her male teacher use discipline as an excuse to meet alone after school.IntenseM/f
A Miserable Lesson432,1562004-03A series of *extremely* severe canings at a strict educational institution. Lots of blood, so don't read if you're the sensitive type.EdgyFF/ffffF
An Odd Arrangement317,0662020-05Two cousins grow up spanking each other.Severem/f, f/m
Anticipation431,1041998-04A girl gets excited at the concept of severe punishment.SevereM/f
Anything But the Switch 526,7212003-12A teen gets switched by her grandparents.SevereF/f
The Apprentice475,2851996-02A young lady visits her uncle for the summer in hopes of being his apprentice but discovers the meaning of discipline instead.SevereMf/fff
A School Spanking 531,9662003-12Two randy teens discover love as they suffer the rod and strap at school.SevereMF/fm
Asha414,0402004-07A liberal Indian girl is severely punished by her traditional-minded parents.EdgyMF/f
Spanking Story45,3972017-12A girl is spanked.IntenseM/f
Competitive Assets33,4171998-05A script for a jeans TV commerical.Seriousm/ff
A Visitor435,5061998-12A professor entertains a young lady.EdgyM/F
A Trip to the Basement 39,2182003-12A naughty schoolgirl takes her first trip to the basement where punishments are given.IntenseF/ffff
The Price of Beauty553,6482000-03A schoolgirl learns it's painful to be beautiful.SevereM/f
Bedtime 414,5162003-12A "good" girl is caught in mid-scam and must face the music.SevereM/f
The Billiard Lesson116,8381997-10Two young ladies are given sharp lessons in pool sharking.SeriousMff/ffM
Bitter Apple419,7082006-12A teacher returns to the school she attended as a student.SevereM/Ff
The Boarding School443,8621999-11A headmaster remembers disciplining his charges.SevereM/fff
Buffy, the Vampire Spanker575,5661998-10TV's heroine learns a new skill.SevereFM/fffm
Buns of Steel34,2001997-11A script for a jeans TV commerical.SeriousM/ff
A Caning for Breakfast 58,3882003-12Ouch. A girl learns to obey her father as she earns a dose of discipline for breakfast.SevereM/f
Coach Licklater 430,5192003-12Paddle swats from the big male coach -- ouch!IntenseM/fffff
Corporal Discipline Protective Services339,6922017-12A mysterious organization teaches families how to spank.SevereNinja/MMFFF/mmfffffff
Cousin Elly 513,4092003-12A boy is thrashed by mistake, but his pretty female cousin is willing to make it up to him.SevereM/Fm
Crazy419,1961997-11Remember the Arosmith music video Crazy? Well, this story takes up where the video left off!IntenseM/ff
Curtains29,1741998-09Two students are publicly caned by a committee of headmasters.EdgyM/fm
A Dar(l)ing Brat49,2842003-12A schoolgirl who thinks spankings don't hurt finds out otherwise.IntenseM/ff
A Daughter's Love524,6451999-09A daughter recollects on her father's abusive punishments.EdgyM/f
One of Those Days413,6181995-10A naughty teenage girl gets her just desserts... again and again and again and again... SevereMMFM MMMF/f
Decisions317,3801999-02A headmaster explains his punishment techniques.SevereM/fffff
The Diary536,8321998-11If spankophiles lived in a perfect world, this is what it would be like.SevereMF/Ff
The Director316,7211995-10A Hollywood movie director has the opportunity to show his beautiful young star the meaning behind the story.IntenseM/f
It's a Dirty Job But . . .242,6741996-05A man takes a job at a girl's school as the head disciplinarian.IntenseM/f72
Disciplinarian 519,9412003-12A teacher must thrash her students properly or suffer the cane herself.SevereF/FFfff
Discipline 418,9072004-01A headmaster severely punishes a sexy student.EdgyM/f
Discipline for Rebecca 514,4992004-01A girl learns about discipline.SevereM/fff
Edna #1: 4-11-94314,0121995-10Part one in a series of letters by a conservative, traditional woman to her sister detailing incidents of corporal punishment.SevereM/ff
The End, and a Little Bit More413,6231997-11A father knows just how to punish most effectively -- to the end, and a little bit more.SevereFM/f
The Escape414,8971995-10A girl thinks she's getting away light punishments.IntenseM/f
An Experience to Remember48,3842006-09A prefect endures punishment.SevereF/f
The Favor426,3971996-02An American teenager visits a British friend prior to her entrance to a strict London school and receives an unusual favor.SevereM/f
Feet35,4662020-05When she doesn't cooperate, a girl gets her feet whipped.SevereM/f
The Fight412,1901999-10Two schoolgirls are forced to spank each other.Severeff/ff
The First Day523,2051998-04A confused girl has an eventful first day at her new school.Severef/f
First Time 432,4272004-01A girl is caned for the first time.SevereM/f
The Flogging416,3642004-01A daughter must submit to a severe whipping.SevereM/f
Foreign Student 310,1692004-01A foreign exchange student is punished.IntenseMMF/ff
Fornication48,1971999-03Two children are caught...Seriousm/f
Getting the Willies413,3412006-07A naughty schoolgirl describes her school's punishment system.SevereMF/f
The Greeting26,0131995-10An Uncle must do his duty and punish his naughty niece.SeriousM/f
Growing Up423,5111998-02A teenager has to grow up quick when her favorite babysitter teaches her adult things.IntenseM/f
Haunted by the Past410,7452006-08An innocent schoolgirl's naughty history earns her severe punishment.SevereM/f
The Imp413,3892004-02A lecherous principal and his superintendent conspire to paddle a girl. This is an exclusive story for this collection, never published before.IntenseM/f
In For It 37,0441999-10A group of teens are punished by the principal.IntenseM/fff
Innocence412,7972006-07An innocent girl is *severely* thrashed by a religious fanatic.EdgyM/f
Island of Susans220,2511995-11An incomplete story, this tells of a scientist who creates a private island full of naughty girls that need spankings.SevereM/fffff
The Janitor319,1831997-08A schoolgirl is selected to be one of the creepy janitor's nightly victims of discipline.SevereM/f13
Jessie and James430,0302007-10A sweet tale about a childhood spanking relationship that blossoms into true love.Intensem/f
Jump Street317,2261996-05A young cop gets more than she bargained for when she goes undercover at a private school.IntenseM/Fff
Just Like School37,2282020-05A tardy employee asks for paddling instead of pay cuts.IntenseM/f
Katie418,1362004-01A sweet young thing is profoundly thrashed.SevereM/f
Kids -- Child's Play4103,1221996-04A young man remembers an eventful summer of his childhood where he becomes 'educated' in the ways of women and men.IntenseMmf/fm
The Lake29,8101994-10A young lady picks an unfortunate time to go skinny dipping and pays the price.IntenseM/f
Lakemont I39,6981997-10A girl tells of her discipline experiences at a strict girls' school.SevereF/f
Lakemont II425,4741997-10Set at the same school as Lakemont I, two girls are caught cheating and face a Saturday of serious lesson-learning.SevereFF/ff
Laura316,6561998-02Written for Laura Werner, this is more about love than spanking.SeriousF/f
Lauren514,7251999-04A girl waits in the basement for her beating.Edgy?/f
Lazy McGuire's Sweat Day444,8142006-08An over-the-top severe punishment day for a teenage TV character.EdgyFM/f
Letter of the Law313,2562004-01A legal loophole is used to punish a girl excessively.SevereM/f
Letter to Elizabeth's Mother36,3161999-10A teacher's letter to her student's mother.SeriousF/f
Little Bitch219,9711995-11A young slave girl works painfully hard to please her young, bitchy mistress.Severefffmm/F
Little Trouble Leads to Big Trouble416,8161999-02A normally good girl discovers what life is like for the naughty.SevereF/f
Love at First Sight48,8062017-12At his new school, a boy discovers students are spanked right in front of the class.IntenseF/f, M/m
The Lunchbreak314,5231995-10A teenage girl takes an erotic lunchbreak and must pay the price in front of her classmates.SevereF/f
Mating Habits426,5571995-07This a sociologist's report on the mating habits of the members of the very private Posterior Society.IntenseMFfm/ffmm
Mind Games428,3391996-07A unique invention allows a young man to take control of a young girl's body.SevereM/f
The Mission48,3982004-01A girl will do anything to join a popular club.IntenseM/f
Miss Jones534,5012006-01A beautiful teacher helps a shy boy become a man.SevereFm/mF
It's More Exciting That Way39,0352020-05An old principal rants about how spanking should be brought back to schools.IntenseM/fm
Mr. Bliss424,4422006-07A girl suffers a severe caning with the tri-cane "soko."EdgyM/f
Mr. Moffat414,1861998-05Teenage girls suffer at the hands of their most hated teacher.SevereM/fff
My Philosophy on the Spanking of Minors and Kaitlyn's First Spanking545,5552017-12An essay and a story.MildM/f
My School36,5482006-02A man writes about his fantasy of a girl's school.EdgyM/f
It's Natural320,5281995-11A young lady makes a fateful decision to spy on her nude neighbors and pays the price in a rather public manner.IntenseMF/f
It's Natural II433,3241996-02In this sequel to It's Natural, naughty Amanda's dangerous peeping habits earn her even worse punishment.IntenseM/f
The New Head511,7751999-09A teenage girl gets another severe caning from the new headmaster.SevereM/f
The New School423,2821995-11A teenage girl experiences discipline for the first time at her new school.IntenseF/f13
Night Visit424,9522004-01A schoolgirl visits a professor for an evening of intense discipline.SevereM/ff
Off to Siberia431,4362004-01A thinly disguised story based on a popular TV show.IntenseM/f
Oops!36,9171996-03A teenage girl gets the cane by mistake.IntenseM/f
Oops III39,2711999-04A new principal makes a hasty judgement.IntenseM/ffff
Overboard315,8701998-01Two girls attempt to outwit their parents and outwit themselves instead.Intensef/f
Passion430,5501995-12A young girl discovers romance for the first time and willingly pays the price for her indiscretion.IntenseF/f
Pass It On39,7812020-05A girl is regularly disciplined by her mother.SevereF/f
Paul Bunyan and the Great Lakes410,2951996-04A strange new twist on the ole yarn about how Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox created the Great Lakes.SevereM/Ffff
Perspective48,1172010-10A student reflects on how punishments feel.SevereMF/?
Peter Pan: The Missing Scene516,5022012-02A supposed 'missing scene' from the Peter Pan movie, where Wendy gets caned for drawing pictures of the flying boy.SevereF/f
Playing Hooky39,9012004-01Schoolgirls play hooky and are punished severely.SevereMMF/ffff
Popular42,9641998-05A script for a jeans TV commerical.IntenseMF/f
Promotion412,6102004-01A thirteen-year-old discovers the high cost of growing up.SevereM/f
How I Got My Pulitzer524,1191999-06A photographer reminisces about his award-winning photo.IntenseF/f
Caroline's Punishment Day473,8301996-04A naughty young lady is given a series of punishments by the school headmistress during an all-day Saturday punishment session.SevereF/f
The Psychology Student524,4151999-11A legendary student recollects what really happened way back when.IntenseF/m
I Was a Teenage Rebel436,1471996-02An woman recalls her wild days of youth when she learned the true price of rebellion.IntenseM/f
Report Card Day43,6601998-05A script for a jeans TV commerical.IntenseM/f
The Reward413,2052004-01A girl learns she was the most paddled girl in school the previous year.SevereM/f
The Right Answer525,5101999-10A girl discovers the costs of an incorrect answer at her new school.SevereM/f
A Scarlet Visit5106,7252003-12A boy endures the beautiful babysitter from hell.Severeff/m
A Serious Lesson 410,3092003-12A schoolgirl who thinks spankings don't hurt learns otherwise.SevereF/f
Shameful or Painful39,2742020-05A strict family spanks in public.SevereMF/f
Singing Lessons410,0391998-02A girl is bewildered (and excited) by her singing teacher's strange behavior.IntenseM/f
Six Is Enough438,2422006-12A group of teachers wager on who's the best caner.SevereMMMF/ffffMMF
The Slow Build-Up311,9332010-01A Headmistress writes about a school's unique discipline system.IntenseF/fff
The Social Worker328,4651996-01A woman confronts a man who has been reported for 'abusing' his teenage daughter and discovers she needs some of the same 'abuse.'IntenseM/Ff
Spank School422,5872004-01A mother takes her family with her to a seminar to learn how to spank.SevereFF/fffm
Spunky37,9712017-12Headmaster punishes schoolgirl.IntenseM/f
The Spy420,7441998-03An injured spy recuperates at a private girls' school.IntenseF/ff
The Strap419,9091995-10An ancient leather strap reminisces about all the lovely bottoms it has roughly caressed over the generations.SeverefmF
Strict Teacher422,4461998-03A family challenges a teacher they wish they hadn't.IntenseF/ffmFM
Stuck At Home435,0132020-05When a distant dad and his rebellious teenage daughter are trapped at home by a pandemic, he has to learn how to discipline.UnknownM/f
Sunday Meeting415,5752004-01A man learns about mid-western punishment traditions.SevereF/f
There's Nothing New Under the Suns340,9031996-02Alone on a distant planet, a new colony discovers an age-old method of discipline still works.SevereM/f
The Swimsuit514,2781998-03A father turns the tables on his mischievous daughter.IntenseM/f
Terra Nova: The Missing Scene513,4832011-10Loosely based on the new Tera Nova TV series, this postulates that strict corporal discipline is practiced by the new regime.SevereM/f
Terra Nova 2523,5412012-01Based on the Dec. 12, 2011 episode _Within_ of the new Tera Nova TV series, in this story sweet Maddy Shannon is so desperate to get her tablet computer working that she steals a new core... and must be corporally punished.SevereM/f
The Assistant411,4192007-01An orphan girl falls in love with her strict teacher.SevereM/f
The Difference Between Student and Teacher534,7032006-08A teacher learns about life on both sides of the rod.SevereF/ffF
The Paddling34,5292005-07A girl is paddled.SevereM/f
The Spanking413,6321996-07A student is kept after school for what he thinks is a routine punishment session.Severe?/?
Three's a Crowd419,3121997-10Two kids are caught having sex, and as punishment, the headmaster watches them engage in intercourse while he canes them.SevereM/mf
Time Saver529,1002017-12Three sisters spank each other to save their busy mom time.SevereFfff/fff
Too Far412,4922006-05A father finally takes his rebellious daughter in hand.SevereM/f
Touch417,5542004-01A girl is fondled by a boy and severely punished for it.SevereM/f
Tough33,5671998-05A script for a jeans TV commerical.IntenseM/mf
A Mid-Year Transfer410,4881997-11A girl's first day at her new school: all her teachers spank her and in the end, she's tricked into being caned!SevereFM/f
Trial and Error47,4242007-09A Disciplinarian has trouble deciding which cane to use.SevereM/f
A Trip to the Head429,7321997-12A horrified lad discovers his first caning will come not from Headmaster, but the Assistant Headmistress.SevereF/m
Truth413,5441996-03Two girls learn the real meaning of Truth during a punishment session from their uncle.IntenseM/ff
TV Family27,6841996-01An interview with one of the stars of television's hot new sitcom whose motto is, 'The family that spanks together stays together.'SeriousM/m
Uncle Charlie327,4481995-10A woman tells about her unusual relationship with a very special uncle.IntenseM/F
Unfairness36,0512007-10A naughty girl thinks her long spankings are unfair.IntenseF/ff
Vague Memories410,3302020-05An old man recalls a childhood friend's punishment.SevereM/f
The Virgin512,6811997-12Two young men kidnap a girl and attempt to torture her into having sex.Edgymm/f
The Visitor529,6842004-01A major visits a school to see if their discipline standards are high enough.SevereF/fff
The Whipping Boy422,9691996-01A naughty Princess learns to clean up her act the hard way.IntenseM/M, M/F
The Y2K Blues317,9331999-12A girl learns that postponement has a penalty.SevereM/f