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The 25 most recent stories.

2020-05Your Next Paddling Is Free35,152A woman is a frequent visitor at a dom for discipline.SevereM/FGeneral
2020-05Vague Memories410,330An old man recalls a childhood friend's punishment.SevereM/fChildren
2020-05Stuck At Home435,013When a distant dad and his rebellious teenage daughter are trapped at home by a pandemic, he has to learn how to discipline.UnknownM/fChildren
2020-05The Slipper and the Cane49,934A man must discipline the delightfully bratty Alicia.SevereM/FGeneral
2020-05Six Sizzling Strokes49,457A store employee screws up.IntenseM/FGeneral
2020-05She Lives at Home36,249A man convinces a girl to let him spank her.IntenseM/FGeneral
2020-05Shameful or Painful39,274A strict family spanks in public.SevereMF/fChildren
2020-05Reward38,956A cruel paddling in a prison.SevereF/FGeneral
2020-05Pass It On39,781A girl is regularly disciplined by her mother.SevereF/fChildren
2020-05Not the Normal Routine310,412After a car wreck, a wife awaits her husband's punishment.IntenseM/FGeneral
2020-05My Secretary39,206A man canes his secretary.SevereM/FGeneral
2020-05Ms. Patrick37,213A beautiful secretary is punished for every mistake.MildM/FGeneral
2020-05It's More Exciting That Way39,035An old principal rants about how spanking should be brought back to schools.IntenseM/fmChildren
2020-05Just Like School37,228A tardy employee asks for paddling instead of pay cuts.IntenseM/fChildren
2020-05Here for the Cane49,532A woman is there to be caned.IntenseM/FGeneral
2020-05Feet35,466When she doesn't cooperate, a girl gets her feet whipped.SevereM/fChildren
2020-05Consoling38,530Three sisters discuss their punishments.SevereMMM/FFFGeneral
2020-05An Odd Arrangement317,066Two cousins grow up spanking each other.Severem/f, f/mChildren
2017-12Time Saver529,100Three sisters spank each other to save their busy mom time.SevereFfff/fffChildren
2017-12Spunky37,971Headmaster punishes schoolgirl.IntenseM/fChildren
2017-12My Philosophy on the Spanking of Minors and Kaitlyn's First Spanking545,555An essay and a story.MildM/fChildren
2017-12Love at First Sight48,806At his new school, a boy discovers students are spanked right in front of the class.IntenseF/f, M/mChildren
2017-12Corporal Discipline Protective Services339,692A mysterious organization teaches families how to spank.SevereNinja/MMFFF/mmfffffffChildren
2017-12Spanking Story45,397A girl is spanked.IntenseM/fChildren
2017-12A Hundred Years Ago36,843A woman feels she was born too late.SevereM/FGeneral
2016-05Couple Spanking311,581A couple with marital problems meets their solution.SevereF/MFGeneral