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13 stories totalling 322,185 bytes (about 56,097 words).

Amalthea216,1031998-06A prison colony is described.SevereM/F
Amy and Isabelle 1423,0071995-12Two young female slaves discover that an S&M weekend cane, I mean, can be seriously intense.SevereM/FF
The Android455,8541996-03The bored female pilot of a transport ship on a long lonely voyage makes use of a robot she discovers in the cargo hold.SevereM/F
The Dominant Bitch338,9801996-02The female narrator entertains herself with a young man but soon becomes the entertainment herself.IntenseMF/MF
The Client527,5951998-03A discipline session with a female client affects a young man more than he planned.EdgyM/F
Confession27,5161995-10A young lady confesses to her priest and must do penance.IntensePriest/F
The Cropping312,3971995-10A young lady is severely punished by her master.SevereM/F
Daily24,2131995-10A woman reflects on her master's new method of daily punishment.IntenseM/F
Escort527,1151995-12A slave is tormented by another slave but soon the tables are delightfully turned.EdgyF/M, MF/FM
Mother and Daughter541,4091996-02An extremely severe evening of sex and s/m between several individuals. Not for the squeamish.EdgyMFf
The Office I534,5601996-02A young businesswoman learns that the price of high finance can be quite an emotional experience.SevereM/F
The Spectacle424,8511996-01A woman tells of her agonizing experiences as a sex slave during an elegant banquet where she is--or isn't--the star attraction.SevereM/F
The Waiting Room28,5851996-01A naughty young slave is faced with the ultimate discipline--the Waiting Room.EdgyM/F