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9 stories totalling 57,879 bytes (about 9,000 words).

Snippet 01: Boredom37,4181997-06Proof that routine punishments are never boring!SevereM/f
Snippet 02: Church35,3681996-06A father comes up with a plan to keep his daughter from sleeping during the Sunday morning church service.IntenseM/f
Snippet 03: Shorts44,6391996-06Marie's pretty new shorts have diabolical secret -- one that's revealed when her bottom's properly warmed by a thorough spanking.IntenseM/f
Snippet 04: The Woodshop36,0541997-06Talk about torment: a girl must exercise her woodshop skills by making a paddle for her upcoming punishment.IntenseM/f
Snippet 05: The Video Game46,0461996-06A brother and sister compete to best their new video game.Intense?/fm
Snippet 06: The Chamber48,1991996-06A girl discovers that school discipline is virtually unbearable.Intensef/f
Snippet 07: Denial45,0331998-02The real story behind the Clinton-Lewinsky sex scandal.IntenseClinton/ Lewinsky
Snippet 08: The Choice39,1601998-02Is it better to be caned over jeans or on the bare? That is the question.IntenseF/f
Snippet 09: The Absent Minded Housemistress55,9621998-05The moral: if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.IntenseF/F