Another erotic story from the FLOGMASTER!

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Choose Your Own Spanking

(****, ?/?, Edgy, Could contain anything.)

This is an interactive story where you get to choose how the story progresses. (Approximately 143 words. Originally published 1998-02.)

It is spring, the sun bright and warm, the smell of fresh growing things fills the air, and you feel absolutely fabulous, gloriously young and sexy. You just had one of those _perfect_ days, I mean really perfect, where everything went just right. It was absolutely uncanny. But now you are nervous, just waiting for that one thing that will ruin it. It has to come. But when?

Then you see the white envelope with your name on it and your stomach tightens a bit and you feel apprehensive.

"Of course this must be bad news," you think. But then again, on second thought, your luck is going your way. Maybe it's a check for a million dollars?

What do you do:

1. Open the envelope [Go to 02]

2. Burn the envelope [Go to 03]