Who is the Flogmaster?


Who is the Flogmaster?

Well, I'm the Flogmaster. I'm a closet spankophile who also happens to be a writer. I've been "into" spanking since I was about four years old. I used to lie in bed, under the covers, and dream up spanking scenarios where I'd be the Daddy and have to spank my teddy bear. My favorite fantasy was when the "child" was truly repentant and accepting of the just punishment. As the "Daddy" I'd hug the "child" and the love and tenderness I felt would bring tears to my eyes.

Of course back then I knew nothing of the sexual aspects of spanking -- I just knew I was fascinated by bottoms and the concept of spanking, particularly when the bottom was feminine.

I must admit, I was frequently spanked as a child. (And believe me, I deserved it. I was a holy terror. ;-) But I don't think that had anything to do with my interest in spanking. I hated getting spanked myself -- I found it the most humiliating, terrifying, frantic experience. I never took my spankings well. I always fought and kicked and screamed. I can only remember a few that were particularly painful, but for some reason spankings terrified me. Except when they were happening to others: cousins, neighbors, friends, strangers -- then I was entranced. I suppose my fear enhanced my fascination.

I don't know exactly when I connected spanking with sex. From the first I just knew I was "different" somehow. I kept my "perversion" completely secret. Even as a child I knew that liking spankings was not a normal thing. Besides, I think I feared if my parents or some other adult found out, they'd want to give me an up-close-and-personal demonstration!

So I grew up with this terrible, bizarre secret. I never told a soul. I caught spanking references in movies, television, and books, and they sent secret shivers of delight through me. I had absolutely no idea that I wasn't the only one on the planet amused by those teasers!

My first clue that I wasn't alone came when I read George Orwell's 1984. It contained two references to spanking. The first, near the beginning, detailed the hero's desire to whip the chaste heroine. Later, there's a casual reference to a "spanking" magazine. I tell you, my heart almost stopped when I read that. The idea that there were others out there who thought as I did was incredible. Even better was the concept of pictures and stories detailing spankings. Of course I assumed this was just a fictional reference designed to illustrate the perverse nature of corrupt people in the future -- surely there weren't spanking magazines in real life.

At about this time I had begun writing short stories and articles for my school newspaper. Soon this had developed into a passion, and about a year later I knew unquestionably that my destiny was to be an author.

It wasn't until high school that it first occurred to me to write my own erotic spanking material. I'd fantasized scenarios late at night zillions of times, but I'd never written anything down. Suddenly, I had a new, secret pasttime. I became a covert writer of erotica.

I never showed anyone anything I wrote, but wrote regularly. These early stories were mostly predictable and silly, very different from my traditional writing, which was highly philosophical and "deep." Not long before discovering the 'net, I heard about Anne Rice's Beauty trilogy. Stirring up my courage, I bought a set at a local bookstore. (I felt like a teenager buying my first condom -- I literally buried her books into a huge pile of others so the clerk wouldn't notice!)

The Beauty books changed my life. Suddenly I saw spanking as something more than a perversion. I saw them as a deep mystery waiting to be fathomed. My erotic writing took a serious turn and I began to use it as an outlet for my confusion, rage, wonder, and pent-up fantasies. Today I still see my writings as nothing more than experiments, exploration into human sexuality and psychology, an attempt to understand the incomprehensible: namely, why something painful turns me (us) on.

About a year after discovering Rice, I finally got on the 'net. Part of my interest in doing so was to seek out spanking material. A friend of mine (who got me interested in the 'net) had an Internet Yellow Pages book and I saw a listing of newsgroups, including one called alt.sex.spanking. Of course I couldn't begin to ask how one subscribed to the newsgroup -- I had to figure that out by myself. (That took a while.)

Lo and behold my good fortune when I managed to download my first story. I didn't know it at the time, but it was a classic in the genre: Rosewood's "The Guest". I only got the last part, but I couldn't believe it. I frantically began lurking every chance I got.

After eight months or so of lurking, I began to toy with the idea of posting my own stories. I had quite a few, and since discovering the 'net and being inspired, I'd written many more.

But I was afraid. For various personal and professional reasons, I needed to be able to post anonymously. There did not seem to be any way to do that. Then I discovered the Finland anonymous remailer, and the Flogmaster was born. I chose the name Flogmaster because I wanted something unique, something grand, and something totally different from the way people normally perceive me. (In real life I'm a quiet, shy, geek, the last guy you'd ever think would be writing erotica in the middle of the night.)

My early posts were quite successful, judging by the response. I became a regular poster of stories, though I rarely, if ever, participated in "conversations" on the newsgroup. (It's not that I don't like to talk to people -- it's just that I feel my stories speak for me, and stories are what I'm really interested in, not debates over whether caning is cruel or someone else's kink is "sick" or not.)

Things have changed a great deal since then: the Finland remailer was closed down, I created a website that was yanked by AOL, and a.s.s. became s.s.s. I tried a few other web servers and finally gave up for a few years (and real life has consumed me lately).

But through it all I've been writing. In fact, I've written some of my best stuff recently. Still, I needed a central location where everyone can come for my stories. So this is it! Be sure to let me know what you think of the website.

I sometimes am asked if I am part of the "scene" or if I'm interested in joining someone in real life. To be frank (ha ha), I am not. Please understand that for me, this stuff is fantasy. In real life I am a quiet, conservative, family person, with no interest in doing any of the things I write about. (Okay, maybe a few of the things! ;-)

Enjoy the stories!

The Flogmaster
October 2007